Marissa Levy

Songwriter. Technologist. Cake Decorator. Mom.

“Marissa writes really catchy songs that draw you in with the melody, but keep you with the smart lyrics. Ever since I heard her for the first time, I wanted to hear more.”

Lisa Loeb [Grammy-nominated Singer/Songwriter]

“Fifteen years ago, I was a clueless adolescent who would only admit to liking obscure hardcore-screamo bands. In secret, however, I was listening to an all-but-lost genre, which I'll call “alternative dream jangle pop.” I'm talking No Doubt, Veruca Salt, know, girls with cute voices pretending to be punk and singing about boys. Local singer-songwriter Marissa Levy channels this forgotten genre with a voice that absolutely redefines "cute" and is uncannily reminiscent of Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo. Take a step back into the mid-nineties, sans teen angst, as Marissa celebrates the release of her new CD, 63 Songs About Joe. ”

Melissa Regan [BeaconPass NYC]

“At a time when over-the-top vocal gymnastics have become the norm, Marissa comes along with a refreshing change of pace - beautifully crafted pop melodies sung with a beautiful pop voice.”

Danny Weinkauf [Grammy-Winning musician, worked with TMBG, Fountains of Wayne, and Candy Butchers]